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Oh snap... cuh?!!

where Denis O'Hare is Jesus and Stephen Sondheim is the drug of choice

Le Graphics-Journal de _still_here
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oh_snap_cuh is the brainchild of LJ user _still_here.
The name was chosen out of frustration that all the good Sondheim lyrics were already taken as usernames.

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♥ Comment if you're taking an icon - not necessary, but I like to know where my stuff is going
♥ Credit me if you decide to use an icon - see below.
You do NOT need to join or friend the community to have access to the icons - for now. If I start catching people using my icons and not crediting me, however, I will make it friends-only so I can control who has access to my stuff.
♥ That said, feel free to friend/join the community if you wish.
♥ No hotlinking!
♥ If you want to use any of my icons on another site, DeadJournal or such, please ask first. Chances are I'll say yes if I'm sure you can and will credit me.

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Screencaps &hearts

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Can be found at my personal journal, here. (You don't need to be on my friends list to view this entry.)

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My DeviantArt Account - photos & photomanips
My FictionPress Account - original fiction, plays, & poetry

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